About us

Pashupati Group started off in 1991 by the management team of a 4th generation business family who were pioneers of Iron Castings in India in the 1960s.

The company started modestly as a Ductile Iron Foundry but we have transformed ourselves to a manufacturing export house dealing in myriad engineering products ranging from Ductile Iron Castings to Custom Steel fabrications on one side and from Rubber moulded goods to Precision Turned components on the other side.

By adopting a quality conscious and a service oriented approach, the company has been constantly expanding its product portfolio every year

Why outsource to us ?

More than 30 years of experience

Its not easy to survive in international trade and our experience shows that we know what it takes to be a preferred outsourcing partner.



Timely delivery

The key to any international business is to maintain production schedules and deliver as promised. Complete Logistics With contracts with all major airfreight and sea logistics company, we are able to deliver to the remotest parts of the world. We are always connected.

100% peace of mind

Be it complex engineering or simple outsourcing, once your order is placed, relax and monitor your orders online in a custom build customer interface for our B2B clients.