Sanitary ware & Furniture

We launched into luxury bath creation business in 2006 under the brand 'Fontaine Luxury Bath' and added reputed builders, clubs within the first year of its launch. Today FLB provides complete end-to-end solution in domestic and commercial bath designing right from Tiles to Sauna Rooms under a single window. FLB is an affordable luxury Brand.

The launch of Furniture Solutions in 2008 has been catalyzed by its strong sourcing capabilities from reputed suppliers of East Asia through its local associations in foreign countries, which reduces its cost of procurement. Moreover, the lack of a professional outfit to provide end-to-end solution to the Hotel industry in India is seen as a big opportunity to a bright future.

We couple our international sourcing capabilities with domestic knowledge and professional services to bridge the gap between bulk manufacturers who cannot provide end-to-end solutions and hoteliers and project management companies who need service, support and customization !

Finally, to augment our business model, we have tailed our products to even suit small motels, schools, guesthouses and even residential flats.

Site inspection by qualified and experienced designers/engineers.  We do only projects like Hotels or complete refurbishment of flats/houses. We do not do retail.

  1. Complete design and planning
  • Interior Designing on AutoCad / Revit
  • 3D rendering
  • Synchronized planning with your architects / designers
  • Cost cutting and space saving options
  • Choice of MDF / Pure Wood furniture
  1. Complete cost benefit analysis
  • We guarantee our prices to be lowest
  • We provide comparative study in buying our furniture against making them from carpenters
  1. Installation and finishing
  • Our team of workers can install one room a day.
  • We start planning when you start building your project so when you finish your civil construction, our furniture is ready to move in. As such, you expedite your project and with our designing support, you have a clear view of the final output at the very outset
  • We do mock setup of designs selected by you
  1. Warranty on all products.
  • Just like your laptop, now get the duration of warranty as per your choice
  1. Our products and services are tailored to suit:
  • Micro to Large scale Hotels
  • Bungalows
  • Even 4 bedroom apartments.